VDIAGTOOL VC-100 Car Thickness Gauge Meter Digital Paint Films For Car Paint Tester LCD Backlight Thickness Coating Meter


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Car Paint Tester Introduction

The Car Paint Tester is a portable obd2 obdii coating thickness gauge,which can meansure the thickness of non-metallic coating(such as paint,film,etc.) On netal substrate quickly,nondestructively,and accuratly.It is mainly used to measure the thickness of the vehicle’s surface paint and other coating meaurement.

Car Paint Tester Parameters

Car Paint Tester Button Functions

1.Botton”CLR”:Turn on/off,clear.

2.Botton”UNIT”:Unit Switch,backlight

Car Paint Tester Operation Instructions

1.Measurement preparation

Open battery cover and load two CR2032 button batteries(Not Includes); Pay attention to positive and negative pole.

2.Turn on/off

Leave the instrument hang in the air and press”CLR”button to turn it on,LCD full screen display,which means it enters the measurement state.Then long press”CLR”button to turn it off.

Note:Keep it away from the substrate when starting up.


Press the probe onto the coated metal substrate lightly,ensure that the instrument should be perpendicular to the surface of the object that being measured.

Note:When the probe was pressed on the substrate,the LCD will display”—“,then you must wait unit the measurement value displayed the LCD,then remove it from the substrate.If removing before a value is displayed,it will display the last measured value.

4.Unit selection

After start-up,short press”UNIT”button to select measurement unit mm or mil.

5.LCD backlight

After start-up,long press”UNIT”button to turn on/off the backlight.

6.Clear screen data

After start-up,press”CLR”button to clear the data displayed on LCD screen.

7.Power off automatically

The Car Paint Tester will power off automatically if two minutes no operation after start-up.And it will power off automatically as well after five minutes start-up,even when you are operating it.

Note: If The Screen Show You “OL” It Means Over Range,Can Test Range(0-1.80mm/0-71.0mil)

Model Number

Coating Thickness Gauge

Car Thickness Guage Color

Black(As Picture Showed)

Car Thickness Guage Special

With LCD Backlight

Car Thickness Guage Battery

Not Included

Minimum Thickness Of Substrate


Car Thickness Guage Function

Test Car Thickness Coat

Car Thickness Guage Feature1

Car Paint Tester

Car Thickness Guage Feature2

Auto Film Thickness Meter

Car Thickness Guage Feature3

Paint Thickness Gauge

Car Thickness Guage Feature4

Coating Thickness Guage


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