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The rat control device adopts imported IC by Schmitt trigger chip producing 12.5 KHz sound wave frequency, can effectively stimulate the rat auditory system and the nervous system, let the rats feel discomfortable and irritated, and be away from the sound source, achieve the goal of driving.


Remove the back cover, and put 4 number 2 dry batteries into the box. Pay attention that the positive and negative polarity of the dry cell can’t be wrong, and the elastic spring end of the box is negative.

Pull the switch ON the edge of the box to ON state, that is, the mousetrap is in working condition.

0 seconds to 50 seconds (50 seconds plus or minus 5 seconds) signals at 12.5KHZ frequency;

The first minute, 40 seconds to 2:30 (2 minutes, 30 seconds, plus or minus 5 seconds) sig . the frequency of 6.5KHZ;

The third minute is 20 seconds to 4 minutes 10 seconds (4 minutes 10 seconds 5 seconds) to send signals at 12.5KHZ frequency;

6 to 6 minutes 50 seconds (6 minutes 50 seconds 5 seconds) signals at 6.5KHZ frequency.

And so on and so on, periodic work.

Voltage: 6V (4 # 2 dry batteries, 1 battery is 1.5v)

Current: 20 ma

Power: 0.12w

Scope of application: family canteen, warehouse, hotel, farm, etc



Please read the following contents carefully before using the device.

Do not use in high temperature and humidity

To facilitate users, it is recommended that users should pay attention to the following questions when using this product

Because the ultrasonic wave travels in a straight line, when it touches the object, it will reflect, because of reflection, it can fill the room with ultrasound. However; if the room has more absorbent ultrasonic materials such as carpet, sofa and curtain, it will reduce the performance of ultrasound. And ultrasonic can not go through wall or door window; if there are multiple rooms, tall obstacle or individual area in the rooms, suggest an additional drive rat (insect) implement installed to assure the effect

In order to ensure the effect, the ultrasonic transmitter should be as far as possible to the open

area of the room, and avoid obstacles he first meter Special cases can be used highly

lb ensure the effect, please do not try to keep the doors and Windows of the protected areas open, so that the pestswill be roaming around without sufficient impact

Do not place it outdoor (this product is not waterproof); It can’t

be used at high temperature.

This product is harmless to humans or pets.

Package Included:

Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent