Help flash – Luz de emergencia autónoma – Señal v16 de preseñalización de peligro, homologada DGT


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The best emergency signaling system

HOMOLOGATED FOR THE dgt: number homologation IDIADA PC19010175
EASY TO USE: easy and intuitive Performance in situations stress
FUNCTIONAL: It can light using activation Magnetic or manually
RAPIDITY: Vehicle posted and localized in seconds
POWERFUL: The vehicle ago be visible to 1 km. In condition low visilibilidad

Problem The Triangles De Preseñalización

-No anteponen the Safety from the vehicle’s occupants.
-Are not efficient, since the them requires several minutes.
-No can be used both in vehicles Four as two wheels.
-Can not be worn by people with mobility reduced.
Would you Sabías that its use is not required if your placement suppose a hazard for the driver?

The Solution: Help Flash

-Compact, automatic and stand alone.
-Intuitive Performance in situations stress.
-Protégete in seconds and become visible when all other drivers.
-Quickly, simplicity and high performance in emergency situations.
-Help Flash is recommended and approved by the dgt (n° homologation: IDIADA PC 19010175)

Visible to 1 km and in 360 °

The patented parabolic reflector ensures an optimal scatter the light and employs the led technology, for that thy vehicle be visible in all directions and a 1 km away in conditions low brightness.

Further, tally with a mode lintera White featuring light. Adhiérelo to the vehicle’s sheet or simply apóyalo on a flat surface and podrás perform any task with both hands, and with 5 hours autonomy.

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