DR.Bei Fio Hilo Dental Floss Toothpick Portable Picks Teeth Toothpicks Stick Oral Care Xiomi 50pcs Cleaning 50m/box Xaomi Xiami


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Learn to floss for 3 minutes and protect your teeth for a lifetime

Teflon Material | Slim and smooth | Super Flexible | International Certification

With Floss, the teeth are really clean.

Frequent use of toothpicks, damage to Yaying is very large, will make the gap be tween teeth more and more. The area of the teeth that can be brushed by brush ing only is limited. Therefore, dentists generally recommend the use of dental floss. Floss can better clean the residue and plaque between the teeth, and it is not easy to damage the gums. Frequent flossing will change your teeth. Better health, more charming smile.

Polymer Teflon Fiber Silky Smooth Hairless

The doctor’s dental floss is made of high-molecular Teflon fiber. Teflon has excel lent performance, smooth and high toughness. It is also widely used in aerospace, defense, pharmaceutical and other important authoritative fields. After the materi al is made into a floss, it is not easy to hang the wire and split, and it is resistant to abrasion and corrosion, and has strong sliding force. Even if it is magnified several times, it still has no burrs and can bring the teeth to the silk and enjoy the silk smoothly.

Slim and Smooth Easy to enter the teeth to protect the gums

The flat design of the doctor’s dental floss is very slim, making it easier to get deeper into the teeth, so that the plaque and food residue that are not easy to clean are also nowhere to escape. At the same time, the width of the floss is appro priately increased, the effective contact surface is larger, and the tartar and plaque between the interdental spaces are easily taken away, and the teeth are more comprehensively protected.

Super flexibility is 30 times higher than industry standards

The flexible pulling force is 30 times higher than the industry standard, so you don’t have to be careful when using flossing. Breaking, hairing, splitting, etc. You don’t want to use it. You can use it more freely. You can clean your teeth in differ ent areas with ease. grasp.

Light Mint, Good Taste, More Charming

The cool mint ingredient makes the doctor’s floss have a light mint flavor, which makes you feel refreshed and comfortable every time you use it.

360 days to accompany you to witness healthy teeth

Dr. Bay recommends that you use floss 40cm every time, clean twice a day in the morning and evening, each small box of doctors floss up to 50m, sustainable use for 60 days, exercise with your teeth every day, make your teeth more and more healthy.

A floss that is easy to use and has a high value

International Safety Certification, Safe and Secure Use

The doctor’s dental floss has passed the iso9001:2008 international certification, and the entrance is more comprehensive.

Simple 3 Steps, Flossing is so Simple

It is easier to clean your teeth with Dr. Bayer 0+ toothpaste

Dr. Bay O+ toothpaste contains no pigment preservatives, no harmful additives, and the authoritative test does not hurt the enamel. Pregnant women can also use it with confidence, adding German Frescolat MGA technology to make the fresh breath last longer. Every moment, every doctor has a fresh feeling, a healthy mouth, and handed to Dr. Bay

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Dental Floss

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Portable Teeth Toothpicks


50 PCS / 50m

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Dental Flosser

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