12V Auto Car Alarm One Start Stop Button Engine Push Button RFID Lock Ignition Switch Keyless Entry Starter Antitheft System


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This is a simple and easy use RFID Car Alarm with Finger Engine Start Push Button Start Stop and Transponder Immobilizer.

Note: This item is only work with DC12V cars at the moment.


* One push button to start / stop the engine.

* Remote start 6 seconds preheating in advance function.

*Automatically lock the host after stalling 35 seconds.

*10 minutes timing flameout function after telecontrol starting.

* Telecontrol starting safe handbrake detection function.

*Automatic locking the door function after telecontrol starting.

* Open acoustics and dashboard function.

*RFID engine lock.

RFID Car Engine Push Starter is easy to install and use, can start or stop your car much easier and keep your car safe at the same time.

*Immobilizer, with warded lock card anti-theft function, the system will enter arming mode after 15 seconds automatically when car is stopped.

*In arming mode, when the responder gets close to (about 2 – 5cm) the wire circle, the system will sound Bi Bi, which indicates the system is disarm.

*Can be matched your car alarm system or keyless entry system.

*Universal for 12V all kind of cars.

*Easy to install and to detach.


Material: ABS

Voltage: 12V

Package Contents:

1 x Car Engine Push Starter Host,

1 x Push Start Stop Button (1m Cable Length),

1 x RFID Sensor Ring (1.2m Cable Length),

2 x RFID Key,

2 x Wires (0.6m / 1m),

1 x English User Manual

Q&A :

1.How to find the ACC wire?

Please rearrange the 6P cable, after you twist the key to the first gear position (you can listen to music at this time), measure the line that has electricity on your original car is the ACC line.

2. For your 6p cable, but my original car is only 5p. what can i do ?
If your original car is a 5P line, the right connection is normally 1 power line, 1 ACC line, 2 ON lines, and 1 start line. If you didn’t follow this step, it means you got wrong installation. pls recheck it again. and pls remember 2 ON lines need to distinguish which is ON1 line and which is ON2 line. If the two ON lines are always charged at the time of startup, you need to connect the two ON lines in parallel.

3. How to tell the wire ON1 and ON2?
If you test these two ON lines at startup, one of the two that always has power is the ON1 line. And If the other one has instant power is the ON2 wire.

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Remote Central Lock

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Without LCD Remote Control


one start stop engine PKE keyless enter


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