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100pcs Waterproof Band Aid Wound Dressings Sterile Hemostasis Stickers First Aid Bandage Heel Cushion Adhesive Plaster H050


Package Included:100pcs Band-Aid Adhesive


Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages offer sterile long lasting adhesive for continuous protection.

Antibacterial hemostatic and facilitate healing,prevent infection

Hypoallergenic, no stimulation to the skin

Material: Breathable fabric

Size: 7*1.8 cm

Latex free,breathable and comfortable
This product is a monolithic disposable sterile packaging, with absorbent, breathable, non-stick wound, hemostatic effect of significant features. For less invasive use.

Application: topical bleeding, inflammation and wound care sterilization

Poison mouth clean and clear, tear the package, will cover the protective layer on the tear the Band-Aid and Band-Aid wound paste absorbent layer is aligned outward from the middle to ensure the adhesive layer close to the skin.

1, the product is sealed sterile products if the packaging is damaged or exceed sterilization effective time to find, do not use.
2, in case of large wounds and bleeding under many circumstances, should go to the nearest hospital on the rash.
3, the production does not occur when using a general allergy, if found pasting red itchy skin, you should immediately stop using and consult a doctor.

4, the product is disposable, after Decompression avoid hand contact with the intermediate absorbent layer.